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February 23, 2017

Hi everyone,

Just a small reminder to please protect our planet – we all live here and so will our future children.

When you have some time, please watch and thoroughly understand this video.




February 6, 2017

As most of us have been aware, the air pollution in China unfortunately continues to be a major issue and naturally poses a threat to the health to those living there.

However, to slowly combat this issue, an Italian architect (Stefano Boeri) will be designing Asia’s very first vertical forest.

The Nanjing Towers will have 3,000 plants comprising of 1,000 trees and nearly 2,500 shrubs, which equates to producing 60kg of oxygen everyday!

There are two towers which will be built.  One of which will house offices, a museum, a terrace club and a green architecture school.  The other will house a rooftop pool and a Hyatt hotel with over 200 rooms.

We just may visit China and stay at the Hyatt in the next few years.

Credit: Stefano Boeri Architetti

Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/asias-first-ever-vertical-forest-will-produce-132-pounds-of-oxygen-each-day/

February 6, 2017 

Introducing the Uritrottoir!

Or, when translated, it means “pavement urinator”.  I don’t know about you, but I prefer the french word.  How does it work? Well let me tell ya.

It’s made up of two boxes (the red one at the top, and the silver one at the bottom) the one on top holds plants and fertilized soil.  The main portion of the urinal, which sends your pee down onto the straw that’s held in the lower box. A sensor can detect when the straw needs to be swapped out and taken to a separate composting facility, before eventually making its way back to another unit as food for the flowers on top.

It is currently on trial in Paris, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this nifty thing was mass produced in the next few years.

I’m so thankful for innovation.

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December 13, 2016

Incredible what you can do with a bit of imagination.

A Bavarian company wants to cut down on plastic waste by making eco-friendly and fully biodegradable tableware from palm tree leaves.

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November 18, 2016

Adidas is slowly becoming one of my favorite sportswear manufacturers.  It seems they are steadily paving the way to a more sustainable future — they’re setting an example in the right direction.

I am in need for new trainers, so once they are available to the public I may just purchase one, and write a review.

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November 18, 2016

This is perfect for people who are in transition of moving homes or even wanting to dispose of unnecessary clutter in an eco-friendly way.

Well done for this innovative thinking.

Unfortunately, this is only available in California.  So Californians, please make use of this so that they can launch outside the west coast and make their way to Toronto!

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November 17, 2016

If you’re someone who takes your bike for leisurely rides on the weekend; to the grocery store; to work; training for triathlons; or any cycling training, and want to use eco-friendly equipment, then you may just love this article!

Isis Shiffer, a graduate of the Pratt Institute of Design in New York, made the EcoHelmet from layers of recycled paper woven into a honeycomb-shaped structure!

Read more: Foldable paper cycling helmet wins James Dyson Award

I don’t believe this is available just yet — but I’ll let you know as soon as it is.

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