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“I explored these specific bacteria as a means to generate electricity for domestic use.”
– Teresa Van Dongen

1. No electricity required
Imagine using something other than a light bulb, that illuminated your own home?  Not only that, but it also would use up 0% of your electricity.  Zero. What can produce light without the use of electricity or sunlight, you ask?

Well, Dutch designer Teresa Van Dongen has figured it all out.  She has designed something called the Spark of Life.


Source: http://www.teresavandongen.com/Spark-of-Life

Source: http://www.teresavandongen.com/Spark-of-Life

How does it work?

Through the use of bacteria.

Yes, bacteria. They are called Electrochemically active microorganisms (or EAMs) are a group of microorganisms which are able to release small electrical currents in their metabolism.



The lamp consists of four compartments with one electrode in each compartment. The electrodes collect the electrons, which powers four small lights. The bacterial fluid consists of a culture consisting of hundreds of different kinds of bacteria.

To emit light, the bacteria needs to be fed with one (1) teaspoon of acetic acid every two weeks, and added to the bacterial fluid inside each of the four compartments of the lamp. With this humble amount of sustenance, the lamp will work 24/7.

Once every few months the receptacles should be thoroughly cleaned. Refilling is a matter of filling it up with tap water, adding some salt and vitamins and again a teaspoon of acetate.


Pretty sweet, isn’t it?!

From what I’ve been reading, I don’t believe this is available just yet – there might be a few prototypes available but to my knowledge, they aren’t obtainable to the public at the moment.  Regardless, I’ll be reading up a bit more on this and finding out when it is available and I’ll update everyone with details here.