Cruisin’ down the Pacific Coast (Part 1)

I am entirely magnetized to water

Whether it be lakes, oceans or smaller pools of water such as ponds and wetlands; they all beguile me.  Perhaps its the enigma of the ocean that draws me to it; or the hues of the lakes that captivates me; or maybe it’s the power of the waves that aggressively collide against cliffs; or conversely the undisturbed stillness of lakes that draw me in.

Regardless of the reason, water has its appeal!  Which is why one of the most memorable trips Ryan and I have done so far, was driving along the Pacific Coast on Highway 1 about 2 years ago.

Introducing our ride – Dirty Girty

FullSizeRender (3)

We drove from San Francisco, down south to San Diego with this beauty (my sister’s car), and stayed in unique Airbnb’s along the way.

We had the best experience with these 2 Airbnb’s

1. Mushroom Dome CabinAptos, California 

Aptos, California - The Mushroom Dome

This dome was surrounded by beautiful Redwood Trees.  One of the best parts about this was having breakfast out in the front patio and seeing these colossal trees with it’s delicate branches gracefully dancing with the wind.  If you haven’t seen an adult Redwood Tree before, you must see one.  It’s humbling when you stand next to these giants.

Aptos, California - These are baby Redwood trees - only a few hundred years old. Mature trees are up to 2,000 - 3,000 years old and can get up to 250 feet tall and about 30 feet in diameter.

After your breakfast, I suggest wearing your hiking shoes, packing a bottle of water, and taking the steps down which will gradually lead you into the middle of the redwood forest. Keep walking ahead of you, and you’ll see a path that leads up and down a few hills, and into Froddo’s abandoned home!


2. Little Gem with epic ocean viewCayucos, California

This was another incredible AirB&B.  It literally seems like it’s in the middle of nowhere – our GPS told us we had “arrived” at our destination but all we saw were mountains and lagoons.  There was absolutely no Air B&B in site.  We were convinced that our GPS was utterly ashamed that she actually didn’t know where the destination was, so she just lied and with confidence voiced out “You have arrived at your destination”.

… … …

We looked around, and we were nowhere near our destination.

So naturally, this popped into our head:

So, at that point we refused to listen to her and drove around for what seemed like hours, and eventually found it.

The owners were extremely friendly and talented.  They found an old Airstream Trailer and completely renovated it.  They were also proponents of urban farming, and had fresh eggs and fresh juice for breakfast the next morning.

Cayucos, California - Airstream sunset (courtesy of the Air B&B photo)

This couple was also unforgettably hilarious. They invited us into their home and as we chatted we noticed this:


The story behind this was, for every squirrel they found lurking around their home, they would bring it to their neighbours’ home and leave it out in their backyard as a “present.” It was hysterical!

More than once in a lifetime

Driving down and up the west coast should be something that needs to be done more than once in a lifetime. The scenery is indescribably picturesque.  We also encourage people to stay in Air B&B’s, as you’ll meet the most fascinating people.

We unfortunately didn’t have much time to stop at Big Sur but from our drive, we saw  a bit of it and we highly recommend spending at least a day there.

I really hope you do get to visit the coast, and create your own memories here.

Here are a few more captures from this incredible highway.

Highway 1, California - An abandoned bridge in the restricted area

Author’s note:

In Part 2 of the blog, you’ll learn more about surfing with seals (which in turn led to my fear of Jaws lurking close by), homemade surfboards, what it really looks and feels like to drive down highway 1, delectable oysters, and of course where to go for THE BEST sushi in California.


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